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At LeakTronics our goal is to bring electronic leak detection equipment into the 21st Century. LeakTronics leak detection equipment surpasses the old technology that the industry has relied on for the last 25 years. LeakTronics is on the innovative path within our specific niche of the leak industry.

LeakTronics comes from a family of products engineered to advance your business & maximize profits.

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31 Oct

Leak Detection 101

What matters most in successfully determining the exact area of a leak are just a

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  • Hello Celia
    I just want to say thank you. It was a very awesome 2 days. Darren is an excellent teacher - you can see he loves to teach, very down to earth person, always making sure that I understood everything about the tools and how to use it. I can say that I am very confident on the field looking for a leak.
    Thank you for all the back and for information before I made the decision to do the training. I hope we continue talk to each other, make more business together.  Also I can not forget about William, excellent person always making sure that I got everything about the tools.
    Thanks again.
    Florida Pools and Spa Services
  • My name is Joseph Stanton, and I have recently attended the 2 day training course from Leaktronics. I have almost 20 years of swimming pool experience and have done much research on every major manufacturer of leak detection equipment as well as worked directly for a major nationwide leak detection franchise. To be honest, I was more interested in leaktronics equipment more than the class, I figured I liked the equipment and knew enough to be effective. I ended up attending with my sister who is also a lifer in the pool industry. After attending the class I find myself in a much better position entering the leak detection field. Darren shows you not only how to use his 1st class equipment, but also offers a priceless tool that is hard to find.... a company willing to stand behind what they do as well as answer the phone. Everytime you call, Celia is always there to help. Awesome company, top notch equipment, unbeatable tech support. The class was worth every bit of time and money, plus. Thanks guys, had a blast!
  • I want to thank you for the amazing learning experience in finding leaks in swimming pools. I feel totally confident in finding leaks on my own and knowing that I have all the right equipment to do so. Also knowing that you'll be there to help me or guide me if I ever need it. Yours truly History maker/ first women trainee Shari
  • Darren thank for the experience of learning your products
                         I was excited to come out to learn how to use products that can expand my business ten fold.  A man who stands by your products that believes in what you do and being able to prove your products work. Knowing very little about your product besides it finds leaks and leaving having the confidence knowing I can go back to my company and use your technology to expand my company is a awesome feeling. Leaving with very little questions and knowing I have a team (leaktronics) behind me with any questions or concerns to be answered by the inventor himself is a great feeling. There is NO company that offers a training on a pool that is rigged with leaks at all levels of difficulty. One on one training will leave you no questions only answers. Would recommend this product and training who is serious about making there business expand with great confidence in there equipment.
    Thanks again
    Kyle Elam
    Elam Pools and spas