Skimmer Leak Repair


Photos are from a LeakTronics contractor from South Texas. After using a combination of the deck plate and pressure rig, a leak was found in the skimmer line where it was cut through by a decking contractor. Notice the slits in the second picture.

Root of All Evil


The root of all evil – A picture sent to us by one of our South Florida contractors. Note: the roots around this spa jet separated it from the wall of a fiberglass spa.

Structural cracks can be difficult to see


Different materials make it harder to see structural cracks. When looking at the stone veneer of the front of this spa, it’s hard to see the horizontal structural crack.  Look where the stone meets the tile on the right side of the picture.  You can see where the crack extends into the tile.  The leak at [...]

An Unusual Leak Detection


An unusual leak detection. The pool only leaked when the variable speed pump ran on hi speed. The pressure test of the returns only revealed a 3 lb drop in 30 seconds when the pressure was brought above 20lbs which is very unusual.  Here’s what happened:  the child fence installer hit the line and instead [...]