Pool inspections should be done by pool companies, not home inspectors. 2017-05-25T22:01:39+00:00

Project Description

Home inspectors don’t see everything.

One of our contractors from the Dallas Texas area who performs leak detections and pool inspections for home buyers sent us a picture from a job where he was called in.  He was originally called to do the leak detection as the inspection was performed by a previous home inspection company.  He asked the buyer if the home inspector noticed the structural issue at the tile area and was told that the home inspector said the cracked tile was no big deal.  He told the buyer that the home inspector was incorrect and proceeded to show the buyer what the home inspector missed.  He informed the buyer the pool was leaking through the beam at the tile area and that there were multiple structural cracks that when tested with the pool scope, were noted to be leaking.  When performing the complete leak detection, he found additional leaks using the Pipe Mic and was able to pinpoint a leak in the line using the FLASH system.  The buyer was very grateful they called in another company for the leak detection and is now well aware of all issues with the pool.  Another happy customer due to the LeakTronics leak detection Equipment.