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Swimming Pool Leak Detection Training Course


We are currently providing a 2 day hands on leak detection training course. The LeakTronics system uses state of the art technology in components which are user friendly and easy to learn. The LeakTronics leak detection system is the front runner in the Swimming Pool, Plumbing, HVAC and Irrigation Industries.

This program is taught by the inventor of LeakTronics, Darren Merlob, who will teach you how to use all LeakTronics equipment, including the Complete Pro Kit and the FLASH Leak Location System.

You will learn different methods of locating leaks as well as pressure testing and pinpointing leaks.  We have put together a comprehensive training program where you’ll master the art of locating leaks.

If you are handy, you will “catch on” quickly and if you’re a novice, our equipment is easy to learn. The mastermind behind LeakTronics, Darren Merlob, has been in the trenches for years and he now wants to teach and pave the way for the next generation of leak detection technicians. After completing our leak detection training course at our Southern California location, not only will you be able to perform a comprehensive leak detection inspection on your customers pool and spa, you’ll also be able to provide a detailed report of your findings for your customer.

These skills will allow you to stand out above your competitors and earn top dollar while being successful in the leak detection industry.

“I am more than thrilled with the training I received! From start to finish, the entire team communicated very well and were thorough. I learned so much and got a ton of hands on time. Overall I am extremely please with my certification and would recommend this to anyone looking to learn about leak detection!”

Philip S., Pegasus Leak Detection

“I really enjoyed it and learned so much. I’m so glad that I decided to do this. Thank you!”

Mike Johnson, All Aquatic Pool Service

“Outstanding training! As a business pool owner I’m absolutely satisfied with the objectives. Darren is an excellent person and well prepared trainer. The content of the course was organized and easy to follow. The equipment is perfect and the files and templates are helpful. The experience will be useful for my work. The time allotted for the training was sufficient. The facilities were especially adequate for the leak detection. One of the best moment was when I heard the first leak, now I’m going to start a new service for my company. I want to thank you all the Leaktronics team: Darren, William, Debbie and Celia. You guys are the best!”

Rafael Lamardo, Blue Label Pools, FL

“I just want to say thank you. It was a very awesome 2 days. Darren is an excellent teacher – you can see he loves to teach, very down to earth person, always making sure that I understood everything about the tools and how to use it. I can say that I am very confident on the field looking for a leak.”

“Thank you for all the back and for information before I made the decision to do the training. I hope we continue talk to each other, make more business together. Also I can not forget about William, excellent person always making sure that I got everything about the tools. Thanks again.”

Carlos M., Florida Pools and Spa Services

“I want to thank you for the amazing learning experience in finding leaks in swimming pools. I feel totally confident in finding leaks on my own and knowing that I have all the right equipment to do so. Also knowing that you’ll be there to help me or guide me if I ever need it.”

Shari, History Maker/ First Woman Trainee

“After traveling out to California for Darren’s two day training course. I can’t begin to say how much valuable information you will learn from being with him for two days. It’s priceless. Darren will explain the leak detection process and how to use his equipment correctly. He teaches you the different techniques for finding return leaks, skimmer leaks, main drain leaks, light leaks, vacuum line leaks, etc. He teaches you tricks in the trade that took him years to develop. I can’t image someone trying to perform a leak detection the professional way, without the proper training from Darren. After I returned home, I was off and running with my first leak. I called Darren for some advice and he was there to walk me through my difficulties. Thanks for teaching me the proper way to find leaks.”

Lou Tobia, Tobia Pool Care

“I just got back from the training school and learned more about leaks in two days then I have in the last 5 years. I have found literally dozens of leaks I would have never found without the proper training and equipment. Thank you very much for your help Darren.”

Jeff G., Howorth Pools, GA


This is not a Franchise, you are your own boss and will NOT be required to pay any fees to LeakTronics in the future. Work the hours YOU set. Live knowing your business has no Accounts Receivable, leak detection’s and inspections are paid at the time of the appointment.

This business can be operated as a home based business so overhead is minimal. Receive the best customer support in the industry.

  • Equipment is included in the price of the 2 day course

  • On the job-site training will be provided

  • All equipment has a 2 year limited warranty

  • LeakTronics customers enjoy early notification when we come out with new products or upgrade existing products

  • Additional add-on components for our kits are available

  • Unlimited Technical Support at no additional charge

  • Company listing on our Leak Professional portion of the LeakTronics website

A Proven Method

Our Patent pending LeakTronics equipment changed a leak detection market riddled with antiquated equipment that lagged in performance and worked poorly, costing homeowners and commercial businesses thousands in unnecessary repairs and wasted time. Some of those same tools, unfortunately, are still making their rounds till this very day! Hundreds of leak detection contractors use LeakTronics on a daily basis, on real leak detection jobs of all sizes and scopes, earning top dollar. You can too.


We’ll provide you with a company listing and a map location on the “Leak Professional” area of our website to give you the visibility boost. We also provide a direct link from our website to yours, to boost your organic ranking on major search engines.

Please check our Leak Specialist Locator to see the expansive network of contractors receiving daily leads from LeakTronics. We provide you with leak detection content & information for your website, as well as product pictures.

Minimal licensing is needed to perform leak detection’s, check with your state on this.

Outstanding Technical Support from Field Professionals

We’re in it for the long haul, and know that our trainee’s success depends on our support and guidance. When you’re in a pinch, we will always do our best to answer your calls and give our expert advice for the tough jobs that you may encounter. Our website is a hub for leak detection knowledge, informative articles, helpful videos, and operating manuals that are available 24/7 from your mobile device or desktop. We are constantly building upon our extensive knowledge-base, adding new tips and techniques, along with troubleshooting information. If you’re old-school, and prefer speaking with a human, our technical support team can be reached via email or telephone.

Are you capable?

Take a deep breath and exhale… Prior leak detection experience is not necessary, but a plus. Before LeakTronics, leaks were difficult to detect, but LeakTronics leak detection equipment makes it easy to find leaks with pinpoint accuracy.

Whether you’re a novice or an expert is irrelevant. You will benefit from our user-friendly equipment. LeakTronics leak detection equipment is the culmination of years of on-hands experience and deep industry knowledge.

It is the best leak detection system and its capabilities will deliver for you on every project you take on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to purchase LeakTronics Equipment separately?

A. Our Swimming Pool Leak Detection training course includes the equipment you need to succeed.

Q. Do I need to be in the pool industry to take the course?

A. While being in the pool industry and understanding various pool systems helps, it is not a requirement for taking our training class.

Q. What if I run into a problem after training is over?

A. Call our office. Our customer support team is available by phone, email and our website.

Q. What can I expect to know after I leave?

A. You will leave with a wealth of knowledge about leak detections and inspections. You will know how to use electronic equipment such as hydrophones, pipemics, slide mics and video cameras. You will understand pool plumbing configurations and know how to pressure test and static test plumbing lines.

The Opportunity

LeakTronics Two Day Training Course ($5,000)

The Equipment Training course is two days at our location. Learn how to perform swimming pool and spa leak detections using the Complete Pro Kit and DeckPlate. Learn pool plumbing configurations, pressure testing and video camera inspection. Learn to decipher structural issues from non-structural issues. When you complete your training, we’ll provide you with a Certified Leak Specialist logo for your website as well as a link exchange.

We’ll help you with photos for your website, tips and tricks we learned along the way. Equipment included in the package are the LeakTronics Complete Pro Kit with add on DeckPlate.

Instruction on how to perform swimming pool and spa leak detections using the Complete Pro Kit and DeckPlate.

Course Calendar


Get Started Today

One of our experienced team members will be happy to answer your questions. Remember, this is your business, not a franchise. No franchising fees and sneaky payouts. Become your own boss and explode your earning potential. (818) 436-2953