Which Pool Leak Detection Kit is right for me?

This is a question we often hear. With variety comes options for our customers and we are always happy to help you find exactly the kit you need to get the job done!  Keep in mind that because we are the manufacturer we can customize any kit for you!

Pro Kit

If you already have leak detection equipment and need the essentials…

…You should try our Pro Kit.  The LeakTronics Pro Kit is our basic kit.  This model has the equipment you need to locate leaks in swimming pools, and there are many add-on’s for the Pro Kit which gives you customization options.


If you are looking to start offering leak detection services for your customers, or want all of the “bells & whistles” in a leak detection kit…Complete Pro Kit

…Then our Complete Pro Kit is the one for you.  With many add-on’s already included in this kit, the Complete Pro Kit is great for locating leaks in concrete, gunite, fiberglass, composite and vinyl liner applications. (FYI: this is the kit which is included in our Leak Detection Training Course!)

If you work predominately with vinyl liner or fiberglass composite pools….

VILO Add-on Kit…The VILO Vinyl Liner Leak Locator is for you. The VILO contains our General Listening PoolScope  while, also Pinpointing Vinyl Liner leaks by putting a small square voltage charge throughout the pool, where a tear in the liner will act as a ground.


If you can’t afford to second guess the location of the leak or the pesky leak won’t show itself…F.L.A.S.H. Leak Location System

Then the FLASH Leak Locating System built with a 512hz frequency inside pinpoints leaks precisely. The patented FLASH system can be used to locate leaks in return lines, main drain lines, skimmer suction lines, cleaner lines….and the list goes on!

If you need to map and trace lines underground…

Then the Pulse Generator is for you! Our Pulse Generator applies an acoustic method to transmit a mechanical vibration through the pipe that is to be located.  YES! It even works with PVC & flex piping (as well as other pipe material)