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The Online Swimming Pool Leak Detection Training Course

The Online Swimming Pool leak Detection Training Course from LeakTronics offers the professional training that LeakTronics founder Darren Merlob is known the world over for providing, with extensive details on the how-to’s of Leak Detection, along with the educational facets of successfully transitioning your skills into a lifelong business. Online Training can be applied to employees at your company, or can be used to take the next step to stop outsourcing work and instead, get paid to provide professional leak detections in-house.

Our virtual training platform and curriculum is all encompassing and remains available for you to reference after you’ve completed the course.  You will learn techniques and methods, shown using LeakTronics equipment,  but these valuable techniques are applicable to anyone with leak detection equipment. What’s more, the training goes beyond how to accurately locate all leaks in and around a pool. You’ll learn the psychology of dealing with customers, submitting the proper findings, best business practices to make you stand out in your field and of course, how to get paid for your work.

Whether you have or are purchasing LeakTronics Equipment, or are looking to better your knowledge about the equipment you currently use – or if you want to start your own business as a leak detection professional: this course will completely benefit you.

These skills will allow you to stand out above your competitors and earn top dollar while being successful in the leak detection industry.

  • Learn from home, at your own pace. No need to book flights, or a hotel to sit in a classroom!
  • This course is all encompassing. Aside from the training in leak detection, you will learn valuable marketing and business tools: including sample contracts and estimates, website building recommendations and all important customer psychology.
  • You will have Unlimited Technical Support at zero additional charge.
  • The Online “Full Course” Comes with the Complete Pro Kit – you’ll be trained and ready to work.
  • Already have our equipment? The “Training Only” package offers the same educational benefit as the Full Course package.
  • In the Course, we’ll explore and explain other tools and add-ons and how they can benefit your leak detections as your business grows.
  • Once trained, we give you a Company Listing on our Leak Professional online map and will be happy to refer business to you when we receive calls from customers in your area.

This Online Training Course Includes

Your training will consist of 6 Modules containing instructional videos, power-points and a few quizzes (only to help you gauge your learning) . These will educate you on a number of topics, from properly using equipment for locating leaks in both pool shells and pool plumbing, and business and marketing practices. You will learn different methods of locating leaks as well as pressure testing and pinpointing leaks. We will also be sharing many case-studies from jobs we have worked, to help you apply what you have learned by seeing practical applications!

If you are handy, you will catch on quickly and if you’re a novice, our equipment is easy to learn. After completing this virtual leak detection training, not only will you be able to perform a comprehensive leak detection inspection on your customers pool and spa, you’ll also be able to provide a detailed report of your findings for your customer.

Here’s the curriculum:

Introduction Module

Our Introduction module will give you a clear insight into who we are, what we do, and what you are about to learn!

  • Walk Thru of the LeakTronics Workshop where we make equipment.
  • A Quick Overview Of the Complete Pro Kit
  • Powerpoint & Voiceover of the Course Walk through

Module 1 / Best Practices

In Module one we will be giving you an understanding of the leak detection industry, along with helpful tips and tricks from a veteran of the industry.

  • Leak Detection Introduction
  • Proper Customer Psychology
  • 10 Commandments of Leak Detection
  • Taking Phone Calls and Pre-Diagnosing The Customer’s Needs
  • LeakTronics Equipment vs Other Market Tools
  • Understanding the Conversions of Leak Detections to Repair Jobs

Module 2 / The Kit

In this module you’ll get a detailed view of the tools inside the Complete Pro Kit to help you become familiar with our equipment!

  • Thorough Review of the Complete Pro kit
  • Labeling Components
  • Use of Components
  • How Each tool is Applied in the Field

Module 3 / In the Shell

In Module three the videos will take place at our training pool, where we use controlled leaks to teach you how to locate leaks within a pool shell and how to handle structural cracks.

  • Learn Safety! Best Practices and how to Properly Use The Equipment on the Job
  • How To Accurately Identify and Pinpoint a Leak in the Pool Shell
  • Diving and Dye Testing Techniques
  • Static Testing Techniques
  • Understanding and Diagnosing Structural Cracks

Module 4 / Plumbing

This module combines location (at a pool) and in-classroom video learning to give a clear overview of how pool plumbing systems work and the methods associated with locating leaks within lines.

  • Pool Plumbing, “What makes it tick?”
  • How do Pool Plumbing Systems Work
  • Locating Leaks Within Lines
  • Proper Use of LeakTronics Proprietary FLASH System
  • Using Camera Technology to Aid in Leak Detection

Module 5 / Case Studies

In this module we will be providing a comprehensive walkthrough of specific jobs we have worked and how the knowledge we gained from that experience will aid you in the field.

  • Case Studies with Detailed Descriptions and Photos From the Job
  • Examples of How to Handle Specific situations you Might Commonly Experience
  • Photo Detailing Trainees Experiences from On-Site Sessions
  • Explanation of Our Personal Technical Support for Trainees

Module 6 / Business & Marketing

In this module we will be outlining business and marketing tools that you can use to start your business, or grow your current operation!

  • Aid in Building a Website
  • Why Blogging, Writing, Posting Work and Good SEO Practices Can Help
  • Benefits of Setting up pages like a Facebook Business Page, Yelp and Other Helpful Profiles
  • The Benefits of Using Online Analytics Tools
  • Advertising that Works
  • Networking Benefits and Practices

“Hey Celia, Great online course! I didn’t have time to get to you in California, so I said what the heck and bought the virtual course. Awesome training! Did the course when I had time to fit it in. Great that I can come and go as I please. Love the real case studies too. Excellent equipment is real easy to learn with. Keep up the good work.”

Don, Leak Detectives of the SW

“Hi Darren, I can’t begin to thank you enough for finally creating a leak detection online course! I’ve been wanting to get into finding leaks for quite some time and I’ve been watching your website for quite some time hoping for this. I bought the online course, which I was truly grateful for and was able to take my time and learn at my own pace. I felt confident going on my first call after the course knowing I was able to refer back to my notes for help. I have been finding leaks with no problem. I now feel confident I can make it in the leak detection business.”

Dan, Let it Flow Pools

“Darren, thank you for making your leak detection course available online. It’s priceless. The leak detection process and how to use the equipment was explained in detail. Learning there were different techniques for finding leaks in return lines, skimmer leaks, main drain leaks, etc, helps me beyond belief. Tricks of the trade that took you years to develop was completely worth waiting for. I was able to do this at my convenience at my time at my pace and that alone is invaluable. I was off and running with my first leak detection today and when I needed technical support, your team was right there to walk me through a few questions. Thanks for making your expertise available to all!”

Mike, ME Pools

“Thank you Darren for finally putting the online training course together. It is easy to understand on both the technical and business portions. This was the best online class I’ve ever taken. The marketing and business information will surely help me grow my business.”

Tony, Middle Island Pools

“Getting into leak detection was a great move for me. I was able to start my own company and go to a part time truck driving job. Thanks to your team.”

Jon, BC Leak Detection