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Darren Merlob
Darren MerlobFounder
Darren Merlob is the business founder and owner who has been a pioneer in the swimming pool industry for over 20 years. Born from his frustration with outdated leak detection methods, Darren developed the Leaktronics Leak detection kit for the swimming pool industry. Only a year after introducing his innovation to the pool industry, plumbers began inquiring about getting products specialized for their work.

In 2010, Leaktronics started their research and testing of a new line of plumbing specific
products. After a year of research and development, Leaktronics began distributing the Plumber’s Complete Kit, which turned out to be a major hit not only with plumbers, but also contractors in the irrigation, HVAC, and Industrial fields.

Celia Wisliceny
Celia WislicenyOffice Manager
Celia is our office manager, with over 20 years of experience in the customer service experience. Despite going to the same High School in New York, Celia and Darren only
began working together when they both (separately, and unknowingly) moved to Florida. As Darren’s South Florida pool business grew, he brought Celia on to run his office. Celia wears many hats; performing all tasks from answering phones, to shipping out our kits.

She takes great pride in her work and acknowledges the fact that customer service is the heart of every business.

William Reyes
William ReyesProduct Development
William has been working with LeakTronics for the last 5 years, with both product development, job site training, and trade-show exhibitions. He is multilingual, so he deals primarily with our Spanish speaking customers.
Savannah Irwin
Savannah IrwinDirector of Marketing and Social Media
Savannah is our Director of Marketing and Social Media. After studying communications in college, she gained several years of experience in Marketing and PR in New York City and Los Angeles before joining the LeakTronics Team. She puts together our marketing material, handles our social media accounts, and works on our online advertising.
Fernando Cuis
Fernando CuisWeb Developer
Tried and true professional with over 12+ years in Web development, project management, business development, branding, mobile computing, online marketing & sales, website design, social media and more.
Maureen Schwartz
Maureen SchwartzData Collection and Analysis
Maureen has a Master’s degree in the Science of Psychology with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis. She works with individuals with Autism and Behavioral Disorders for over 6 years. At Leaktronics, Maureen specializes in Data Collection and Analysis.
Aidan Keith-Hynes
Aidan Keith-HynesMedia Manager
Aidan, our Media manager, is a film school graduate with several years of experience working on visual effects for feature films. He handles all of the media as well as working on marketing and social media for LeakTronics.