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Darren Merlob

Founder and CEO

Darren Merlob is the business founder, owner and inventor of LeakTronics and LeakTronics leak detection equipment. A pioneer in the swimming pool industry with more than 30 years of practical experiences, his frustration with outdated leak detection methods led Darren developed the Leaktronics Leak Detection Kit for the Swimming Pool industry. Within a year of introducing his innovations to the pool industry, plumbers began inquiring about specialized products for plumbing outside of pools; in homes, municipal water works, industrial uses and more.

In 2010, Leaktronics began intensive research and testing of a new line of Plumbing Specific Products. Through invention and concept modification, Leaktronics developed the Plumber’s Complete Kit. The equipment inside the Plumber’s Kit have since become a key benefit to Plumbing, Irrigation, HVAC and Industrial Contractor Professionals.

Today, Darren’s tools continue to serve people around the world, including the Patented Torque Lock Structural Staple. The Torque Lock Staple and it’s method of application offers the only controlled post tension staple in the marketplace for securing structural cracks and has become the standard for structural crack repair worldwide. See more here:

Celia Wisliceny
Celia WislicenyOffice Manager
Office Manager Celia brings more than 20 years experience in customer service. Celia and Darren attended High School together and began working together when they both (separately, and unknowingly) moved to Florida. Celia wears many hats in the company, from handling customer orders to keeping the machine shop stocked and making sure all ringing phones get answered.
Joe Dolan
Joe DolanDirector of Communications
Joe’s our Director of Communications and he’s got a way of getting projects done on time and in budget. It’s one big reason we keep him around. In marketing and delivery, Joe brings decades of experience in highlighting key elements of project development for press, print and online distribution and proudly comes on board at LeakTronics to add his creative experience to what makes LeakTronics the leader in Leak Detection Technology.
William Reyes
William ReyesProduct Development
William has been working with LeakTronics for more than 5 years, with both product development, job site training and trade-show exhibitions. Multilingual, William can help navigate phone calls with our Spanish speaking friends and he maintains the shop floor with precise exactitude (is that a word?) If you’re using a Leaktronics tool, it’s had William’s finger prints on it at some point.
Emily Chacon
Emily ChaconMarketing Assistant
Emily brings her strong college marketing education to LeakTronics as our Marketing Assistant. Emily played a role in the development of the DIY Girls educational program’s marketing platform and helped lead the program to success before joining LeakTronics. At LeakTronics, Emily works hard to ensure we build relationships with the industry’s best and helps to keep them informed about all that LeakTronics has to offer.

Fernando Cuis of Cuis Interactive

For twenty years, Fernando Cuis has been actively developing the LeakTronics online presence. Bring his education and extensive background in developing online campaigns, web technologies, retail sales outlets and web content strategies; Fernando has secured LeakTronics and the Torque Lock Structural Systems website properties ensuring that customers can find the product they need and get the customer service contact they want to use LeakTronics in their professional careers every day.

You can find Fernando online at: