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Dive Right In To Hearing Pool Leaks

LeakTronics professional Swimming Pool Leak Detection Equipment goes far beyond what traditional stethoscope style tools do. Take the equipment your grandfather used and jack it up on steroids! That’s what the LeakTronics Pool Scope can do!

While doing a complete leak detection is important, you’ll find that a majority of the time, leaks are found within three feet of the pool shell. Hearing where that leak is coming from, loud and clear, starts as easily as dropping the LeakTronics Pool Scope into the water. Hear the suctions, main drains and hear around the skimmer, side suctions, spa jets, lights and walls with even more accuracy using the LeakTronics SM-1 – the “Side Mic.” check out the videos.

Using The Pool Scope

Check Out The SM-1 “SideMic”

Using the Pool Scope,  you will also be able to hear leaks in structural cracks.  Want to know the sensitivity of the Pool Scope? Imagine hearing bubbles under Icebergs! (See the National Geographic video below and be amazed!). In a pool, the weight of the water pushing through the crack will create a sound that’s picked up, even at distances, by our scope. It’s how we can pinpoint the leak accurately. As the pool scope gets closer to the actual leak, the noise will become incredibly louder; it sounds like a jet!

The Pool Scope On National Geographic

Proper Pressure Testing

Do You Know About Our Swimming Pool Leak Detection Training Course

What People Are Saying Online

“I used the LT1000 for the first time today in a concrete pool. I placed the mic in front of a heater suction line near the base of a pool and got instant readings…. I am really impressed with the ease of finding the leak, it saved me so much time and effort. The unit is impressively accurate.”

Paul Davdison, Pool Remedies, Australia

“Our company purchased the complete pro package at the trade show in Atlantic City. After watching the videos on the Leaktronics website, I thought I had a handle on the equipment; and I probably could have fumbled my way through using it, however I’m glad I went to the hands-on training. The creation of “controlled leaks” in an actual swimming pool and locating them with the equipment was a good experience. The on-site leak detection was even better experience, as the leaks were able to be heard, and those that were not leaks, weren’t heard. It was great to see as they were “true leaks”. I feel I have a better handle on the equipment, and am confident in the fact that I know a process to work through on each site, and that I know what I am listening for, then verifying by sight after. Thank you!”

John Moore, Whip's Pool Service, Ballston Spa, NY

“Hey guys, just used the underwater mike for the first time. Brand new side by side fiberglass pools with 2 spill overs connecting them. Within 10 minutes of starting, we found 3 leaks! 2 at the spillovers, 1 at a light fixture. The owner kicked the first leak company off the property for not finding anything!”

John Elvish, John's LeisureScapes, Ontario, Canada

“We’ve had the kit for approximately 3 weeks and my guys have found and repaired leaks in three pools since we have had the Leaktronics kit! We’re extremely happy with the LeakTronics equipment.”

Heather Romano, Prism Pools & Spas, Onancock, VA

“I’ve been looking for an elusive leak in a vinyl liner pool for more than a year. I purchased the equipment, went back to the pool and found not just one leak, but two! One was behind the light and the other was a pin hole of a leak in the liner itself. The equipment paid for itself within a couple of weeks. I couldn’t be happier. Well worth the investment.”

Randy Lenz, Expert Pool & Spa, Peachtree City, GA